Our Team

Massage Therapist

We all have our own style and approach, but rest assured, regardless of who you choose, you will receive excellent care at Carlsbad Best Massage, every time. Every member of our Massage Therapy Team is a leader in the field. Did you know that the industry average massage therapist has less than 3 years experience? Well, ALL of our therapists have more than 9 years. Every one of us has twice the required level of education, and many many more continuing education courses. Our therapists were carefully screened, and actively recruited from other local facilities because they had built their reputation as the “best” massage at Carlsbad. Simply put, we LOVE to learn and grow, and are ever-increasing our knowledge so that we can better help our clients every day.

If you want to see our team members, please visit our Carlsbad store and we are pleased to introduce our team members to you!